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LEGENDARIES is transforming entertainment fandom services by offering unparalleled esports fandom experiences with the world's top entertainment companies. With our expertise in technology, entertainment, and content creation, we're proud to be the leading Digital Collectible platform.

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  • Next-gen Fan Experience
    LEGENDARIES' service is the first ever to provide an unprecedented esports fandom experience. The fans will always be able to interact and connect with one another, as well as all the players and the artists.
  • Steadfast Team Spirit
    LEGENDARIES work as a team, a team that consists not only the LEGENDARIES crew, but also the fans, the players, and the IP holders. Every member of the esports ecosystem plays an integral role and is part of the LEGENDARIES team.
  • Top-notch Expertise
    We bring together top-notch expertise in technology, entertainment, and content creation to deliver cutting-edge products and services. We are committed to staying ahead of global trends and continuously seeking new opportunities to exceed expectations.

Our service

  • Esports Digital Collectibles
    Honor the Past. Capture the Present. Be One with ALL LEGENDARY CHAPTERS OF LCK. These glorious chapters written by the top global esports heroes, etched into history and now cherished forever as the official League of Legends Champions Korea Digital Collectibles. Let us take a step closer to the players with the service made for the fans, by the fans. All the legends now in your hands. Own the legends with LCK Legendaries.
  • Webtoon Agency: Bloved Studio
    Bloved Studio is a leading webtoon production, distribution, and supply company that collaborates with major domestic partners such as Kakao Corp. and Naver Corp. and Ridi Corp. Our talented creators have produced over 20 webtoons across various genres, including modern and fantasy romance, as well as BL (Boys Love), reaching audiences from Asia to Europe. Bloved Studio is committed to growing as a solid webtoon agency and plans to produce 30 additional webtoons by 2024. With a focus on delivering high-quality content and unique storytelling, Bloved Studio offers a captivating and engaging experience for our readers.


LEGENDARIES will build a new future of fandom service with the investors and partners.
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